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CHINA ZHOU Dynastyc 400300 BC bronze ge bi halberd
Spade-shaped coins with three holes Chinese Currency, Zhou Dynasty, Rare Coins,
Knife and Dagger, ca.1050 - 770 BCE, Western Zhou Dynasty, China
A typical silver Yunnan Saddle sycee (5 liang) assayed and circulated in Kunmin City
Wang Mang, Old Money, Seals, Thailand, Coins, Rooms
CHINA – ANCIENT. Jin Dynasty (1115-1234 AD): Bronze
400 BC to 255 BC Ming knives are the most common type of knife "currency", although they do not bear a mint name. They are found throughout north China .
History of money - Wikipedia Warring States Period, Zhou Dynasty, 11th Century, Early
Bronze Knife-Money coin AD 7 Xin Dynasty (Source: The British Museum)
CHINA, ZHOU Dynasty,c. 400-300 BC, bronze ge bi - halberd money
barter through history
Western Wei Dynasty (535-556)Wu zhu coins were cast during the Datong
Reverse side of the Yin Ping Spade money, Zhou Dynasty BC).
Other scholars believe the world's oldest coins are spade money from Zhou dynasty China dated to 770 B.C. In the seventh century B.C. coins were minted in ...
Grater money of the Zhou Dynasty, China
400 BC to 255 BC
400 BC to 255 BC
China Numismatic: “Ban liang y “Wu zhu” funerarios de arcilla, depositados en enterramientos (31,5 mm.; 6,5 g.; 29 mm.; 4,6 g.).
Hollow Handle Spade money, Zhou Dynasty, 1122 - 221 BC.
Ancient Chinese coin A bronze banliang coin from the Qin state in the third century B.C.
Han Dynasty, Wu Zhu 20 Pcs, UNC condition unearthed from jar with beautiful rustiness
Bronze coin of the Wang Mang Dinasty, 13th century. Wang Mang, Chinese Currency
Xiao Bu Yi Bai (Small spade 100) spade coin.
"Bridge" money of the Zhou Dynasty, circa 750 B.C. Warring States Period,
ANCIENT CHINA :ZHOU: c. 400-300 BC, AE ge bi "Halberd Money",Ex. Taisei auction #29, 1999
China Small Ritual Wine Warmer (Jue) with Mask, Early Shang dynasty, Erligang
China Numismatic: Tercera reforma. Selección de monedas de bronce y moldes utilizados.
ANCIENT CHINA :ZHOU: c. 400-300 BC, AE ge bi "Halberd Money",Ex. Taisei auction #29, 1999
Vintage Bronze Zhou Dynasty Style Wine Vessel Mid-twentieth century (AD) Late Western Zhou Dynasty-style (Chinese) heavy bronze art vase.
Jian (sword), about 500 B.C.E. China (Eastern Zhou Dynasty) Chinese Weapons
ritual wine vessels of bronze age china - Google Search Bronze Age, Art History,
1195AD CHINESE Southern Song Dynasty Genuine NING ZONG Cash Coin of CHINA i71528
1225AD CHINESE Southern Song Dynasty Genuine LI ZONG Cash Coin of CHINA i71505
A ritual wine vessel;. Ben Klingler · Chinese Bronze Jue
Three types of bronze fish money of the Zhou Dynasty, China. circa 1122-
(Qing dynasty) Chinese Gold coins. Qing dynasty. #GoldBullion #14KGold Chiny
Kan Tun or Shield Frame money from South West China. Spring and Autumn Period. Coole attributed it to Emperior T'ai Hao
Ancient Spade “Pu” Money. Chou Dynasty. Prior to 1200 BC farming equipment
Reverse side of An Yi Er Jin Hua spade money of the Zhou Dynasty (周朝), circa BC.
Da Ding Tong Bao bronze 1 cash coin cast in 1188 AD during the Da Ding reign AD) of Emperor Shi Zong AD, of the Jin Dynasty, The variety has the Chinese ...
Large Ancient Bronze Chinese Charm Coin Token Zodiac Emperor Good Luck Antique Vintage
To the left of the round hole is the Chinese halberd (ji 戟)=
ANCIENT CHINA :State of LIANG, 425-344 BC, and State of Han: Arched Foot Spade, 400-300 BC, 梁新釿百當寽 liang.
Bronze Jue (a wine vessel) (22.5 cm high). As the first slave dynasty in Chinese history, the Xia Dynasty (21st-16th century BC) began with the reign of Qi, ...
Bronze cowrie shell money, 475-221 BC. It is nominally considered to be the second part of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, following the Spring and Autumn Period, ...
Bone cowrie-shell coin, Western Zhou Dynasty (1046-771 BC), China.
A-B; Chinese; Ritual vessel, Shang Period (c.
Zhou Dynasty, spade money evolved into a form having less pointed legs while still retaining
Gandhara culture | Himalayan Buddhist Art - Art Bouddhiste de l'Himalaya
Bone imitation of cowry, Chinese Zhou dynasty (c.
ANCIENT CHINA :Warring States period, State of Qi, round cash, 300-220 BC, 益六化 yi liu hua, H6.25.
Old Chinese charm depicting Zhong Kui
Reverse side of Hanshan ("Cold Mountain") charm with inscription "longevity, wealth and honor" (chang ming fu gui)
Circulated approximately 400 and 220 BC in China. The three-
"Bridge" money of the Zhou Dynasty, China circa 750 B.C., approximately 11
Pendant (pei) in the form of a bird century B. Western Zhou dynasty Jade (nephrite) H: W: D: cm China
Yong Tong Wan Guo - Northern Zhou dynasty
ANCIENT CHINA :ZHOU: 1122-255 BC, "Bell Money", 57x55x31 mm, 26,5x40x14mm (2).
Old Chinese amulet with Daoist magic writing to scare away ghosts and evil spirits
Brooklyn Museum Ancient China, Asian Art, Zhou Dynasty, Archaeology, Bronze Age,
San Pan, late Western Zhou Dynasty, late 9th century to 771 BC. Zhou
Nigerian Iron Currency. triballinks.net
Iron Gong
Straight Knife money, Zhou Dynasty, 1122 - 221 BC.
A1897 China Chihli Long Horn Dragon dollar. Nicely toned
ANCIENT CHINA :State of LIANG, 425-344 BC, and State of Han: Arched Foot Spade, 400-300 BC, 虞一釿 yu yi jin, H3.39,
CHINA, HAN Dynasty, c. 200 BC - 200 AD, bronze fanlung spindle
Vase rituel en bronze, gu. Chine, fin de la dynastie Shang, XIIe- XIe siècle av. J.-C.
Bronze Ankle Bracelet
Varying profiles of a dish-shaped silver sycee ingot, unknown amount and date.
Jade inkstone with dragon, phoenix and lingzhi cloud motifs, Ming Dynasty
Obverse Xian Feng Zhong Bao"咸丰重寶". Reverse Bao Su Dang Bai "寶苏當百" bronze 100 cash coin. Bao Su, Jiang Su Province mint"寶苏江苏省钱局铸".
Large bell money with a pattern cast during the Zhou Dynasty, circa 1122-222BC
Innsmouth Gold collector pack (3) - Campaign Coins Weird Art, Gold Coins,
ANCIENT CHINA :State of Liang, 425-344 BC, and State of Han: Arched Foot Spade, 400-300 BC, 安陰 an yin, H3.11.
Premium Classic Shaped Chinese Coins (Set of 6) Warring States Period, Zhou Dynasty
China Ritual Wine Storage Jar with Dragons, Lozenges, and Triangles, Middle Shang dyn
Ceremonial halberd China, probably Henan province Erlitou culture (ca. BCE) or early Shang dynasty (ca. BCE) Jade (nephrite) Gift of Charles Lang Freer
Chinese Southern Song Dynasty Bronze Coins, Antique Coins, A. D. 1208 - 1224 嘉定万宝
Piece mold diagram
Carved jade Pei ornament with pattern from Spring Autumn Period.
samples of chinese ancient coins
Dragon shaped jade carving from Spring & Autumn Period.
Bronze Kota Anklet Currency. Gabon. triballinks.net
Mumuye (and Fulani and Juken) Currency 1-6 Fresh Hair, Totems,
IMPERIAL CHINA :QIN, 300-200 BC, round cash, 半兩 ban liang, 34.2 mm, H7.6; Western HAN, 200-180 BC, 半兩 ban.
Precious Ancient Chinese Dragon Coins Genuine China Qing Dynasty Old Original Silver Coins For Collection(
ANCIENT CHINA :SHANG, Western ZHOU: Cowrie & substitutes shell money: cowrie shell H1.1, bone H1.2, clay, stone, (4).
IMPERIAL CHINA :五銖 wu zhu, different varieties, S223, 225, 225var, 226, 231, 232; Southern CHEN, 557-589,.
$20 for $20 Fine Silver Coin - Star Trek(TM): Enterprise
Fantasy Coin:Legacy Gaming Coins different themes, New Gems, free loot…
Vintage Sterling Silver Ashtray Dish with Chinese One Dollar Dragon Silver Coin
ANCIENT CHINA :Warring States, CHU kingdom, 703-223 BC, "Ant Nose Money", "Ghost Face" H1.4, H1.5, H1.6, 各六朱 ge.